Construction technical supervision
Technical maintenance of works
Insured events
Representation of the customer in matters of design and construction
Contractor selection and qualification analysis
Coordination and conclusion of contract contracts
Legal and technical consultations
Real estate administration

We provide professional, modern and independent construction project management services. We exclusively represent clients, developers, companies, commercial, industrial-industrial or residential real estate development projects. 



Through more than 20 years of professional work experience in project construction management, construction and maintenance supervision gained in various countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Norway), we ensure the highest quality service to our customers, investors, and developers.

Valdantis statinio statybą, organizuojantis statinio statybos ir su ja susijusių kitų statybos techninės veiklos pagrindinių sričių darbus. Daugiau...

Statinio statybos ir su ja susijusių kitų statybos techninės veiklos pagrindinių sričių darbų organizavimas. Daugiau...

Building supervisor

A natural or legal person from the Republic of Lithuania or another country, or another foreign company, who is responsible for technical supervision of the construction as per set principles in Article 48 part 1 and 2 of the above-mentioned regulation, as well as the requirements in part 3 of the same Article. Daugiau...

Maintenance of buildings in accordance with the Construction Technical Regulation STR 1.07.03:2017;

Damage to real estate from 2000 EUR. Daugiau...

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