More about Stavaltech

More about Stavaltech

Mission IPSUM for you, like for ourselves.

The customer is part of our work and life. We work for you as for ourselves. In Latin, the word "self" is translated IPSUM.


Inovacijos Profesionalumas Saugumas Universalumas Modernumas

„STAVALTECH” steigėjas ir direktorius

Andrius Skiotys

Through more than 20 years of professional work experience in project construction management, construction and maintenance supervision gained in various countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Norway), we ensure the highest quality service to our customers, investors, and developers.

Certificate: No. 19256

This certificate gives the power to lead special building management and technical supervision works.

Structures: residential and non-residential buildings, engineering networks, communication lines (streets, airport structures, water port structures, other transport structures), hydro technical structures, as well as the mentioned structures located on the territory of the cultural heritage object, its protection zone, cultural heritage area.